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Bible Believers Radio is not a supply but a distribution of the most current Fundamental Baptist sermon DVD at no cost to your Missionaries and National Pastors.  2014 we distributed 7885 Sermon DVD's in over 150 countires.
Special Project for Your Sunday School.
BBR supplies a DVD 4 pack for National pastors that have equiptment to show them in a public events.  $20.00 will cover the cost to produce and ship 4 sermon DVDs to a national pastor. This could be a pastor that has 20 people or could be a pastor that has a hundred or five hurndred. And it could be a pastor that has 20 people but take the DVDs to a neighboring pastor that has hundreds.
In 2015 all our DVDs will be Dr. David Gibbs video preaching. Please help us with these small projects. We always have some on a waiting list. Besides, RIGHT NOW WE HAVE 6 PASTORS WAITING FOR A 4 PACK! You get the same 4 pack for your Sunday School or Church if you give us you mailing address.
If you would like to buy the David Gibbs 4 pack to send to your own missionaries with a blank space for you to use your stick-on address the cost is $20.00 but keep in mind Your money will also help BBR to publish 4 packs to other National Pastors. Bless the Lord Oh my soul!
Send money to our paypal accont

Note: To National Pastors
If you are planning a Pastors Conference this year please give us a chance to supply you with a free Dr. David Gibbs DVD to give to each attending pastor. Send Me an email and tell me how many pastors you expect to come to your conference and what month. We will need to know now or no less than 2 months before so we can have time to prepair, raise funds and so foreth. They must be shipped 30 days ahead of your event. It is best to let me know before each year starts. "Like November."

BBR's addience is estimated to be Somewhere around 50 to 100 viewers per disc distributed. DVD's sermons every month because we only send Special Projects (above) to Pastors Conferences where each pastor that attends gets a free DVD to take back to show there people.
David & Ann have been
Happily married 45 years.

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Quote by David Brown for shepherds only:
"The way you talk to your Bride is the same way Jesus would like you to talk to his Bride."
"Jesus's Church"

Bible Believers Radio is a ministry of Live Oak Baptist Church which has a 501(c)(3) tax status.  BBR is a nonprofit broadcast internet stream for our members and missionaries around the world.
As of November 2007, BBR has limited its airplay ONLY to artists, musicians, labels who have granted airplay with writen permission to play their music. This allows BBR to avoid paying royalties while still providing excellent God-honoring music to listeners.  We do not sell any music CD's or supply or any music for download.

Free Audio Bible Download For your Computer or MP3 Player.
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King James Audio Bible
The complete King James Bible in mp3 audio format on a 2 disc set.
This recording can be legally copied for non-commercial use. Voice narration only. Non-dramatized with no background music. There are individual mp3 files for each chapter of the Bible and playlist for each book are also included.

Our contact information:
Bible Believers Radio
2106 E. Lawson Road
Little Rock, AR 72210

Special Event
Dr. David Gibbs CLA
Recorded  Preaching from
"Live Oak Baptist Church
Bryant Arkansas.

Only at scheduled service times!
9:30am every Sunday

We constantly scaler the internet and youtube and websites for America's greatest heroes of the faith video preaching and rebroadcast them every Sunday morning. Watch us for the Best of the Best video sermons.

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